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Jessica Hische

This is a Creative Mornings talk with Jessica Hische in Vancouver. Hische delivers about a 10 minute rant sans slides that is amazing. The majority of the excerpt is in the beginning, but you hang on for a great conversation about type. Watch and listen to the full video here.


Everyone knows as soon as you make something mandatory, it becomes the opposite of what you want to do for a living.

I’ve been wanting to learn a second language forever. And I refuse to learn Spanish even though I live in the middle of the mission in San Francisco. It would honestly help my day to day to learn Spanish.

But instead I say maybe I’ll learn Finnish, maybe I’ll learn German - something completely useless that I won’t use. Because then it’s fun.

It’s fun to learn things that aren’t helpful.

Learn the tools

You have to learn the tools to make awesome stuff. You don’t not learn it just because it seems intimidating.

If you want to make cool things, you’ve got to learn the tools it takes to make them.

I would really love to punch web designers in the face that refuse to learn how to do HTML and CSS. Because if I’m a letterer and can learn how to do it myself in six months for a thing that is completely unrelated to my career - I just think it’s lazy if you don’t learn it yourself.

And this is going to go live on the internet and a bunch of people are going to rain down shit on me for it. But I really believe that’s true.

I mean if you’re a mechanic, you’re not like - meh, I’ll only learn about this one thing related to cars. And then outsource everything else and make my customers’ life a complete hell. You know?

You learn the tools you need to know to make the things you want to make.

And sometimes it is completely unrelated to your field. But for me, I wouldn’t be able to do any of the side projects I do if I didn’t learn it.

You are your cheapest labor.

If you have a thing you want to do, don’t be lazy and just say I guess I can’t do it because it will take me three weeks to learn the thing I have to learn.

Just grab the reigns and fucking do it.


The desire to learn is really the only thing you should of picked up in college. Your college career or your diploma is not this definitive you have all the knowledge in the world, go out and make shit.

The only thing they have to instill in you is the thought that learning is fun. That’s the only thing to learn in college.

That learning doesn’t stop in college. You have to really take joy in learning this new stuff.

Making things

It’s so liberating to be able to make anything you want to make. And it’s not scary. And people try to make it into this super nerdy, scary thing.

HTML is just going around with a label maker and throwing labels on everything. And CSS - it’s annoying you have to write all these commas and semicolons, and all this other jazz - but it’s pretty easy.

You can just read through it and understand it.


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