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Annie Duke

Instead of berating yourself for all the times you screw up, you get to celebrate that you did it one fewer times.

Joe Gebbia

Some will love it, some won't, plus who cares equals move on.

Renée Mauborgne

Ask what you can eliminate or reduce that you assume people need that probably adds cost and no value.

Scott Belsky

I like to say a labor of love always pays off, just not how and when you always expect.

Veronica Belmont

Not all feedback is created equal.

Jeff Bezos

I've noticed all overnight successes take about 10 years.

Kara Swisher

We tend to cartoonize people and not make them complex.

Shep Gordon

Contracts make lawsuits. Handshakes make friends.

Karen Dillon

You can innovate in 100 ways that have nothing to do with a keyboard.

Miki Agrawal

If you starting by leading with how can I help you versus how can you help me, doors will open.

Beth Dunn

We don't spend nearly enough time thinking about how we sound.

Rachel Andrew

Good support should be about getting people back to work with the tools they need to continue.

Manoj Bhargava

Business is really not rocket science. It's just do useful stuff. And avoid useless.

Saya Hillman

Nike the bejesus out of life. And it will work out.

Kevin Maney

We're going throug trade-offs between the quality of the experience and the ease of getting it.

Torrey Podmajersky

It's not what's the use case. It's about why would a customer use this.

Merlinn Mann

It's hard to know, what you'll need to know, in order to know, what you'll need to know.

Samuel Hulick

It's about what your product lets people do.

Pamela Slim

The way that we get to know ourselves is in the process of creation.

Bob Moesta

Even though choice is important, too much choice is actually paralyzing.

Kevin Kelly

Success is being the most you that you could possibly be.

Jenn Lim

Happy people are really those who are authentic to what is good and bad about them.

Allan Branch

There is no such thing as customer loyalty. Your customers will not be loyal. Friends are loyal.

Nicole Fenton

Be you. Show your human side. That's what people want to see and identify with.

Scott Stratten

When it comes to creativity, when you're honest, when you're raw, you polarize.

Valerie Coulton

It's about having service at the heart of what you're doing.

Derek Sivers

The people you meet are going to be the ones that lift you up to success.

Clayton Christensen

I think a lot of times what we say we cannot do is actually something that we can do.

Ashley Verrill

The support homepage for customers today is Google.

Tina Roth Eisenberg

I feel like we all owe it to each other to get to that point where we are happy in our life.

Peter Coughter

Make it human. And simple. That doesn't mean dumb. It means simple.

Ezra Firestone

Marketing is talking to people about experiences they are having.

Kathy Sierra

I'm not passionate about what you do. I'm passionate about what I do. It's your job to enable that.

Steve Jobs

We weren't trying to start a company, we were trying to get a computer.

Amy Hoy

You can't help people. You can only help people that help themselves.

Gary Vaynerchuk

If there is someone you want to be like, stop making money, and go spend a year with that person.

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